Kioti tractor for horse farm maintenance

Kioti tractors for Horse farm maintenance

Save time and energy, work efficiently with a Kioti horse farm tractor

Having horses is a lot of fun. But also a lot of work. Mowing the fields, preparing the menage arenas and tracks, disposing of manure, cleaning out stables, maintaining fences or pasture maintenance… You definitely can’t do it all by hand or with small gardening tools. That would just take too much time and energy. That’s why you need something bigger, something that will save you time and really make the work easier: a compact tractor, or if you’re also planning on harvesting hay for example, a larger tractor.

At Kioti you’ll find both. Versatile, reliable and manoeuvrable (compact) tractors that make horse farm maintenance easier, faster and even more fun!

A Kioti tractor for horse farm maintenance with hay

Why choose a Kioti compact tractor for horse farm maintenance?


Kioti compact tractors are narrow and have, thanks to their small size, a short turn radius. That makes them easy to manoeuvre, even inside the stables or paddocks.


You can use your compact tractor for whatever you need, as long as you have the equipment. Front, mid and/or rear PTO’s are available. A front end loader with a bucket and the option of pallet forks are also exceptionally useful.

Economical and ecological

The powerful diesel engines of Kioti tractors are not only economical but also in compliance with the latest emission standards.


Whether you choose a tractor with or without cabin, you’re in for a comfortable ride thanks to the suspended driver seat, power steering and spacious platform.

5 years (3000 hours) warranty on all compact tractors!

How to choose the right tractor for horse farm maintenance

There are so many options to choose from that deciding on a (compact) tractor can seem quite daunting. How do you pick the right one? What is the best tractor for a horse farm? Several things influence your decision. For example: do you have a lot of horses, a few or just one? How large is your terrain? What exactly do you want to do with the tractor? Most of the time a compact tractor (21 – 60 hp) will suffice. These are great for all the work that needs to be done on and around the farm (mowing, cleaning, winter maintenance, etc.). If you’re also interested in cultivating land or haymaking, you’ll need something bigger (45 hp and up). Check out our different options below or get advice from our dealers. We have a large dealer network throughout the UK, with experienced dealers who can give you personalised advice and will help you find exactly what you need.

Some of the many great features of Kioti tractors

Kioti: official sponsor of British showjumping

Did you know that at Kioti we’re a big fan of horses? That’s one of the many reasons why we’re the official sponsor of British showjumping Training school at Market Harborough!

Find a (compact) tractor that suits your needs

Discover all our different ranges and find the perfect horse tractor for your needs.

CS Series

Dynamic and compact
21-25 HP
Easy to operate, powerful and ready for a large variety of tasks.

CX Series

Versatile and powerful
24,5 HP

A tractor for all: all purposes, all seasons and all users.

CK Series

Flexible and comfortable
25–50 HP
Compact but powerful: the CK Series are the workhorse you’re looking for.

DK Series

Strong and reliable
45–60 HP
High-performance compact tractors with impressive power and smooth handling.

RX Series

Versatile and tough
73 HP
So many features that it’s up for anything.

HX Series

Powerful and dependable
103–125 HP
The tractor every large landowner or commercial farmer is looking for.

Need help finding the perfect tractor?

Thanks to our elaborate dealer network throughout the UK, there is always an experienced dealer close to you that can give you advice about the right choice for you.